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The TIA’s celebrate the change makers, the up-and-comers, the innovators, and the bold—those who are transforming our industry and building the fabric of BC’s vibrant tech ecosystem. We’re passionate supporters of the companies, entrepreneurs, and people who make up our community and believe that their contributions should be recognized.

Applications for the 2018 TIAs are now closed.

Company of the Year

Celebrating an outstanding company that is a clear leader in the BC technology industry.  Through impressive financial and strategic positioning and product excellence, they are a homegrown success story, an anchor of the tech community,  and a prime example of BC’s thriving tech ecosystem.

Startup of the Year

Celebrating an impressive early/second-stage startup technology company that is not only generating revenue, but demonstrates significant growth potential, unique creativity, and an exciting future.

Tech Culture of the Year

Celebrating a strong and unique company culture that demonstrates the very best of what tech culture can be.   The company that has developed a culture that is the best fit for its business so that culture is a key success factor.  Harnessing the relevance of data, innovation, and agility to deliver significantly better outcomes, the company is a role model to others—perhaps in taking an approach on diversity & inclusion that goes beyond words to deliver tangible and concrete outcomes.

Person of the Year

This award celebrates an individual who has made a significant entrepreneurial contribution to the BC tech ecosystem in the past year. It’s an accumulation of personal contributions, bold entrepreneurial risk-taking, mentorship of key talent, – and winning in a way that showcases the best of our BC Tech culture!

Growth Company of the Year

Celebrating a company that has achieved outstanding levels of growth in the past year-regardless of company size or stage. The growth achieved has allowed the company to deliver a strong and positive impact on the local, national or global stage.

Excellence in Technology Innovation

Celebrating the invention of a unique solution, product, service, or platform that clearly demonstrates next-level innovation and a breakthrough development in tech—built right here in BC.

Excellence in Technology Adoption

Celebrating a company for having adopted technology in a way that has significantly improved productivity, competitiveness, or profitability or has in other ways enhanced the experience of customers or employees.

Community Engagement Award

Recognizing a company that has a positive impact on BC the community in which they live, work, and play. This organization will likely balance charitable giving with employee volunteer hours and/or discounted product/service pricing to charitable entities. Corporate social responsibility will be in the DNA of the company culture.

Bill Thompson Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizing a lifetime of achievement, this award is presented by the BC Tech Board of Directors to celebrate an individual who has served as a leader in BC’s technology industry throughout his or her business career, and who has served as a model and mentor for others.

Bill Tam Scholarship

Awarded for the first time this year, the Bill Tam Scholarship has partnered with SHAD to support a high school student’s participation in its month-long enrichment program that involves a STEAM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) curriculum of lectures, labs, and workshops. The inaugural recipient of this award will be a BC-student with a strong academic standing and the beginnings of an entrepreneurial mind.

Spirit of BC Tech

Is chosen by the BC Tech community as the company that most exemplifies the true spirit of BC Tech. Entrepreneurial to the core, the winner’s story is one of bold goals and remaining bold in executing on those goals. Determined to succeed, the winner has pursued a particular kind of success—one that is grounded in a strong sense of purpose and succeeding together as a team. Instantly recognizable as a role model for others, the winner exemplifies BC Tech’s vision of technology as a powerful force for good in society.