Agri-tech Venture Acceleration Program

The Sumas Regional Consortium for High Tech (SRCTec) is a non-profit organization founded to attract and support technology entrepreneurs within BC’s Fraser Valley. SRCTec has recently developed the strategy to leverage local prominent industries in order to promote and support technology based innovation in the Fraser Valley.

Part of the strategy and the roll out of the overall plan SRCTec in partnership with BC Innovation Council (BCIC) deliver an Agri-tech Venture Acceleration Program. This will serve to enable the BC Ministry of Agriculture to achieve its vision of an innovative, adaptive and globally competitive agri-tech sector in BC, while also assisting the BCIC in delivering its mandate to promote technology commercialization in BC.

SRCTec’s Agri-tech Venture Acceleration Program will promote agriculture technology innovation and commercialization by providing start-up and early stage agri-tech technology entrepreneurs in the Fraser Valley with the coaching and resources they need to maximize commercialization opportunities and accelerate growth. During the 31 month period for which this plan covers, the objectives of SRCTec’s Agri-tech Venture Acceleration Program are to engage twenty-six client ventures. By providing agri-tech technology entrepreneurs with the coaching and resources that have historically been limited in BC, SRCTec anticipates an increase in the number of entrepreneurs that start and succeed in growing agri-tech technology companies. This increased success will create jobs, improve regional economic sustainability, and enable BC’s agri-tech sector to remain competitive and advance sustainability.

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Athena Green
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