Professional Development

Top tech companies need top talent.

One of the best ways to grow your talent – and your company – is to encourage your employees to participate in professional development programs. From peer learning through our invite-only C-Councils, to developing new skills with Leadership and Skills Development Programs, we can help you strengthen your team’s capabilities.

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Strengthen your team from the top down.

The BC Tech Association has developed a series of C-Councils, groups in which technology CEOs and C-level executives can share insights, key learnings, and challenges - with a goal of building better businesses.

Unlike other CEO forums or executive roundtables, the content is all business. Each C-Council is carefully curated to ensure that participants are in similar (but non-competitive) businesses and at similar stages of growth. This ensures a peer exchange that is specific, meaningful, and highly relevant to every member.

To learn more about C-Councils, and to apply, click here.

Leadership Development Program

Leadership comes from within.

In partnership with Right Management, we have launched the Leadership Development Program - perfect for fast-growing tech companies whose employees are taking on management or leadership roles for the very first time.

Leveraging diverse learning approaches, from self-assessments to hands-on workshops and virtual group check-ins, this 6-month program will not only explore personal strengths, leadership styles, tools, and best practices, but also provide a collaborative environment in which tech leaders can share experiences and grow together as peers.

To learn more, watch Susan Eick from Right Management explain the BC Tech Leadership Program, or read the program outline and registration details.