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BC Tech Talent Programs can help you brand your organization and connect with top talent to fill your hiring needs. Whether participating in a Talent Day, attending the Talent Meetups, or posting your roles on, we will help you connect with the people you need to grow your team.

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BC Tech Jobs

Your one-stop shop for all your hiring needs.

Built by people who know the tech industry inside-out, and run by people who know how to find the best candidates in town, BC Tech Jobs combines a variety of initiatives both online and offline to help you promote your brand to the tech community, share your career opportunities with an extensive network of job seekers, and connect directly with qualified candidates interested in your company. Whether your company is looking to hire talent right now, or looking to build a long-term recruitment strategy and pipeline, BC Tech Jobs is the perfect tool to help you successfully grow your company with top-notch talent!

Choose from two options:

I'm hiring now! If you're looking to hire in the immediate future, get access to our next Talent Day and one month of unlimited postings on for $500.

I'm always hiring! If you are constantly looking for talent and want to build a solid pipeline, get access to all Talent Days in a year (first-come first-serve basis), one year of unlimited postings on, and a speaking opportunity at a Talent Meetup for $3000.

BC Tech Association members get 15% off on either option! As a bonus, we will double your exposure by promoting your job postings at, the leading local board with over 200,000 job seeker visits a month.


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Talent Days

Meet your next hire.

Presented by BC Tech Jobs, Talent Days are casual and fun networking events that bring together hiring tech companies and pre-qualified candidates with specific in-demand skills, with the goal of promoting meaningful connections and hopefully many hires! Bring a banner, share job descriptions, hand out business cards or swag, and demo your product to get the best candidates excited to learn more and join your team.

See what a Talent Day is all about here For upcoming Talent Days, visit our Events Calendar.

Talent Meetups

Get involved in the Talent community.

Presented by BC Tech Jobs, Talent Meetups bring together technology professionals looking to further develop their skills and tech companies who are thought leaders in specific topics. Through panel discussions on hot technology trends followed by casual networking, tech companies get a great opportunity to promote their brand, share expertise, and connect with passive candidates.

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BC Tech Jobs Board

Join the leading local tech job board. is the largest local tech board and the best place to promote your current opportunities to an extensive pool of tech candidates online. Beyond just another job board, promotes BC Tech member brands to the tech job seeker community and connects companies to qualified candidates through featured employer profiles, automated matching, and a killer candidate database to ensure you find your future rock stars.

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Go North Canada

Bringing expats home.

Growing the qualified talent pool is one of BC Tech’s top priorities, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Communitech and other Canadian tech hubs in a national initiative to bring expats home. Go North Canada is a partnership of tech-focused organizations across the country that believe Canada is the best place in the world to build and run a tech company. We recognize there is a wealth of Canadian talent abroad that have the experience we need to grow and scale our companies in Canada, and we are working together to make sure that Canadians everywhere know about all the career opportunities available here. Through Go North Canada, we are committed to sharing the stories of Canadian tech from coast to coast, promoting the opportunities available for Canadian expats to come home, and connecting them with companies that are ready to hire them. Want to get involved?

  1. Join Go North Canada as a partner and get your brand highlighted to the entire Go North expat community;
  2. Attend events to connect with expats interested in opportunities in Canada;
  3. Submit articles, videos, or other cool content to be shared to the Go North Canada community to

Watch Heather Galt from Communitech speak to the mission and importance of Go North Canada on BNN and CTV

To learn more about Go North Canada, click here. You can also follow @gonorthcanada or email