Person of the Year

Award sponsored by:  Korn Ferry

This award celebrates an individual who has made a significant contribution to the BC technology ecosystem in the past year. The contribution may be through paid or volunteer activities with a company, research institution, association, or non-profit agency. This award is open to any person, regardless of career level.

Evaluation Criteria

The application process will require that the following questions are answered. Please use the information below to help prepare your application prior to submission.

  1. Personal History - Provide a brief bio outlining the individual's activities in the tech community. 500 words maximum.
  2. Contributions to the technology community
    • Can include noteworthy speaking opportunities, awards won, philanthropic milestones, etc.
  3. Tangible results and impact of contribution
  4. Leadership, vision or mentorship

Preparing Your Application

To apply for this award, please fill out our online application form. 

Applications cannot be saved. All sections must be completed in one sitting. Refreshing the page mid-application will cause your data to be lost. 

We recommended preparing your responses ahead of time using the Evaluation Criteria outlined above, then copy & paste them into the form.


Applications for the 2017 TIAs are now closed.

Finalists will be announced at TechBrew on May 4th, and winners will be announced at the Technology Impact Awards Gala on June 22nd.


Nominations for the 2017 TIAs are now closed.

Please note that nominations are not required. Individuals can apply for this award without a nomination.

Questions about the Technology Impact Awards? Email