Community Engagement

Award sponsored by:  SAP

This award recognizes a company that embraces corporate social responsibility. By engaging their employees, winners of this award are focused on building a corporate culture that has a positive impact on the community in which they live, work, and play. Past winners have been engaged in activities like allowing time off for employee volunteer activities, donating a percentage of pre-tax profits to charity, supporting charitable activities as an organization, organizing/supporting employee participation in community programs/fundraisers, and many more.

Who Should Apply?

This award is open to companies that are:

  • At any stage of the company lifecycle; startup, growth-stage, established, etc.
  • Technology or Professional Service-focused
  • BC-based (head office and/or full-time presence in BC)

Evaluation Criteria

The application process will require that the following questions are answered. Please use the information below to help prepare your application prior to submission.

  1. Company Description - A summary of the company, similar to what would be used at the end of a press release. 100 words maximum.
  2. Company History - Describe the origin and founding of the company, including key dates. 300 words maximum.
  3. Community Contribution - Describe in detail the critical elements of your community engagement program, including the number of employees engaged and the tangible outcomes as a result of your corporate efforts. Which organizations were you involved with and/or did you provide services to in the past year? 500 words maximum.
  4. Company Engagement - Describe how these programs are part of the corporate culture and the rationale for the company to undertake them. 500 words maximum.
  5. Company Impact - Describe the impact your organization has made on your customers and employees, the community where you are located, and/or the BC economy in general. Summarize why your company should be considered for this award. 500 words maximum.

All information provided in the application is kept confidential.

Preparing Your Application

To apply for this award, please fill out our online application form. 

Applications cannot be saved. All sections must be completed in one sitting. Refreshing the page mid-application will cause your data to be lost. 

We recommended preparing your responses ahead of time using the Evaluation Criteria outlined above, then copy & paste them into the form.


Applications for the 2017 TIAs are now closed.

Finalists will be announced at TechBrew on May 4th, and winners will be announced at the Technology Impact Awards Gala on June 22nd.


Nominations for the 2017 TIAs are now closed.

Please note that nominations are not required. All companies can apply for all awards without a nomination.

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